Palette Gear - Same excitement as peeling off the protective sticker off an iPhone.

If you're an artist who's heavy on editing using Adobe programs or a computer nerd like me, you'd love the Palette Gear.

The module consists of a Core, a dial, a button and a slider which is made with aircraft grade anodised aluminium. Each is surrounded by a customisable colour LED Halo, allowing users to categorise each module's function visually (also they just look pretty!).

The core which is the brain of the modules, has an OLED screen which displays the specific Adobe program you are using. The slider has the same feel as gliding a fader on a DJ mixer. Pushing the button is like pushing a gaming console, which i find pretty cool. The dial turns smoothly and also can be used as a button. The whole module is USB bus powered. 


The greatest thing i like about the concept is that each module has magnets on all four sides, allowing users to freestyle the hell out of the layout. They just SNAP with each other.

In terms of the Palette app that comes with it (compatible with both Windows/Mac), it can get a bit daunting at first because you have to specifically assign functions to each module according to your workflow, depending on which Adobe software you use.
The app also allows users to switch functions (Brownie points!), by creating and autosaving different profiles to assign a different set of functions for the same modules, pretty much a "Next Page" button for another full set of functions.

For me as a Lightroom nerd, i think the layout of the Palette app is user friendly to some degree, it maps out ALL the commands within Lightroom into tabs and sub categories, allowing me to navigate and assign functions to each module easily. And of course colour coded :D

*My advice before you decide to get the Palette gear, is that you should know your Adobe programs front to back in terms of the commands, because it can get confusing when you first try to assign specific functions to each module according to your workflow.

- Fully customisable layout and colours of each module
- Faster workflow on editing
- Feels good not needing to use a mouse during editing
- Profile switching
- Module is well built
- USB bus powered

- The module can come apart when lifting/moving around the desk
- Palette app can get confusing when assigning functions

What I'd like to see developed in the future:
- Motorised faders so that they can go to default positions when switching pictures/profiles
- A carrying case for mobility/travelling

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